Analytic Thinking and Presentation™

Teaches techniques to develop an analytic judgment on an issue, build a case to support the judgment, and conceptualize the results in writing and orally. This course focuses on the principles of writing that enable the analyst to craft a well-reasoned and well-written finished intelligence product. This course is built on extensive individual and team activities that include opportunities for personal feedback. (Four-and five-day variants available)


Typical 5-day Course Agenda:

Day One

  • Present rhetorical square
  • Distinguish between analytic and other forms of writing
  • Examine titles, statements of synthesis, summary paragraphs
  • Illustrate structure of inverted pyramid paragraphs

Day Two

  • Determine the “bottom line”
  • Construct elements of a summary paragraph
  • Identify core assertions
  • Review correct grammar for intelligence writing

Day Three

  • Determine bottom line or summary argument from an article
  • Compose more elements of a summary paragraph
  • Write inverted pyramid paragraphs
  • Describe flow of an effective argument
  • Evaluate sources of information
  • Use correct grammar in intelligence writing

Day Four

  • Employ vocabulary selection techniques
  • Demonstrate the internal structure of an intelligence article
  • Apply key learning points from the course to a final project

Day Five

  • Receive individual feedback on final projects
  • Continue revision of final projects

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