I am VERY impressed with what you guys have done -- lots of work and good thinking, good organization, good presentation.  It was great fun..  I can go on and on about how much I like it and how impressed I am…. I am feeling very positive about it and think you have a winner and a half!

– Jane, Education Specialist in Critical Thinking Curriculum

This was really interesting, and I think I learned a lot. The “try it” sections were very useful.

– Laurel, Tenured Professor at a major Florida University

The most interesting thing I have done on line other then looking for information on criminals so I can make a case! It was a most enjoyable and productive experience.

– Randolph, Homicide Dectective, major east coast city Police Department

Video and voice are the most compelling. I love the… video segments.

– Judy, Intelligence analyst with a large federal intelligence organization

The course is well designed and is a useful way to introduce the material to a web-friendly audience.

Janice, Executive coach