Why We Go Astray


Most of us have have looked back on a critical decision at some point in our lives and asked ourselves, “What was I thinking?”

Our minds seemed to have locked in on a solution that in retrospect seems patently unworkable, while we overlooked obvious clues and discarded superior alternatives.

Understanding why, in the moment of decision, our minds can leave us with sub-optimal solutions to problems and incomplete analyses is the first step in improving our critical thinking and problem solving abilities. 

This four part online, self-study course describes several mental obstacles to critical thinking that everyone encounters when analyzing a problem or making a decision. Identifying and understanding natural psychological barriers to effective, critical thinking is a vital part of improving the quality of analysis and decisions.

These course concepts have been an important part of the intelligence community’s analytical training, and they apply to problems commonly encountered by everyone, including CIA analysts, law enforcement officials, financial planners, home-buyers, and anyone else making a decision.


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