Why We Go Astray, Part 1:  Introduction


Why We Go Astray: Introduction, is the first section of a four-part course on how our minds mislead us -- and what we can do about it -- from The Thinker’s Workshop TM.

The Thinker’s Workshop TM. online is a program of self-paced learning which can significatnly change your approach to analysis and decision making, in both professional and personal situations.  Our sister program, The Thinker's WorkshopTM classroom learning has for years been an important part of the intelligence community’s analytic training.  We now bring many of these same tools and techniques to you online, to apply to problems commonly encountered by everyone, including CIA analysts, law enforcement officials, financial planners, home-buyers, and anyone else making decisions. 

In this initial course Why we Go Astray: Introduction, you will begin to consider some of the natural obstacles to good thinking and how bringing structure to your thinking and problem solving can vastly improve your decisions. 


The price of this introductory self-study online course is free.

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